• What is a PTC site?

    PTC (Paid to click) website is online advertising service that provide its members an opportunity to click advertisements, on daily basis, and earn certain amount for viewing those advertisements for specified period of time, usually between 3 – 30 seconds. There are two main groups of users on a PTC site: advertisers and comsumers/members. The role of the PTC program is to establish a connection between advertisers and members. The advertisers pays the site to display their advertisements and to bring visitors for their products, services or affiliate links, and part of this payment goes to the member when he views the advertisement. Basically, a PTC is an internet advertising service sharing its advertising revenue with its members. Upon reaching the minimum balance required to cashout, the member can transfer his earnings to online payment processors, like Paypal or Payza.

  • How to earn on PTC sites?

    There are few different ways in which you can earn money from PTC sites. The basic way is to click and visit the advertisements displayed on the PTC program. Most Paid to Click Sites provide additional earning features, like completing sign up offers, completing online tasks and other offers, promoting the site and earn certain amount for every valid and unique hit to your referral link per 24 hours, playing games and win prizes, participating in contests, point system where you will receive a certain amount of points for different actions you make on the site and you will be able to convert these points to money in your main/purchase balance or to advertising credits, referrals etc.

    PTC sites have referral/affiliate program as well. Which means if you refer new members to the site, you will earn commissions from your downline (the members joined under you, which you have referred to the site). PTC sites will pay you a percentage of the clicks that your referrals make as an ongoing commission. This percentage will vary from site to site. Usually, for free members this percentage range anywhere between 10% – 50% from the value of the ad clicked by the referral. Upgraded members may earn up to 100% or even more from their referral clicks. Also, many PTC sites offer an upgrade or purchase commissions. If your referral purchase something from the site or upgrade his account, you will earn a percentage of the purchase.

  • What is a PTC referral and how does the referral system works?

    Referral is a person who have joined a PTC site through your referral link. This type of referral is called Direct Referral. You can earn referral click commissions, offers/tasks commissions, upgrade commissions or commissions from your direct referrals’s purchases. The amount you can earn depends on your membership (Standard or Premium). Premium members earn higher commissions from their direct referrals.

    Some PTC sites allows members to have unlimited number of direct referrals, while other put limits in place. The higher the number of active referrals you have, the higher downline commissions you will earn.

    Some PTC sites have 1 level referral program, while others have multi-level referral program. Level 1 referrals are the members that you have personally referred. Level 2 referrals are the members that your level 1 referrals have referred and so on up to the last level. The multi-level referral program is powerful system that provide unlimited earning opportunity.

    Besides Direct referrals that you have personally referred, some PTC sites will offer two other categories of referrals: Rented and Bought Referrals. You can rent referrals from the site for a fee and for certain period of time. We do not recommend renting referrals, since most sites will offer you bots as rented referrals. This way, the admin can control their activity and directly the profit you can make from Rented refferals. Bought referrals are those that came unreferred to the site, and the site will sell them to members who want to buy referrals. By paying one time fee, they will become their referrals for life, same as Direct referrals.

  • How much can I make from a PTC Site?

    You should not expect to make a living from a PTC sites, but it is possible to make a decent residual income. How much money you can make depends on few factors, such as the type of membership you have, how many referrals do you have, are they rented or direct referrals, the type of program you are using, is it Aurora or Bux, is it reliable, safe and sustainable site, or it is new and unproven, questionable or dubious program, etc. If you are clicking on your own, without any referrals under you, then you should not expect to make more than few dollars per month. Want to make more? Direct referrals is the answer. Direct referrals can boost your earnings and you can make few dollars a day just from a single ptc site. So, the trick is to refer as many members as you can and build an active and big downline from which you will earn ongoing commissions.

  • Can I use my referral link on PTC Central?

    Yes, you can submit your referral link by posting a comment in the comment section located after the end of each review. You can post payment proofs, you can write your opinion about a site, share information about the particular site, and include your referral link in your comment. Please do not spam.

  • Can I advertise on PTCCentral?

    You can advertise on PTCCentral through the Adhitz advertising network. Please note, we will not accept ads for sites placed on our Not-Recommended list and the Watch list.

  • Can I copy your reviews and publish them on my website?

    Copying our content and publishing it on your website is not allowed. Refrain from publishing our content without our permission on another website.

  • Why an avatar appears next to my username when I post a comment?

    PTCCentral support the Gravatar service for loading avatars. If you have a Gravatar profile, and you have uploaded an avatar to be associated with your account, the avatar is shown along with the comment, each time you post a comment on our site, but only if you use the same email address associated with your Gravatar profile. If you use different email address, Gravatar won’t be able to display your image. If you want to change the image displayed when you post a comment on our site, please login to your Gravatar profile and change your image.

  • Why my comment is not showing?

    Comments are automatically approved. If your comment doesn’t appear after you hit the submit button, most likely it was marked as spam. Sometimes our spam filters might put your comment for moderation. We’ll manually check our spam comments/ moderation queue and we will approve your comment if it was wrongly marked as a spam.

  • Why my comment was removed?

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