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Warning – is another site from the same admin. For more details, you can read the Bearbux review.

Update: Shortly after we published this review and the Bearbux review, the admin commented on our facebook page using foul language and threatening us. Can’t handle the truth, huh?

Now imagine, few minutes after that, he replaced the affiliate links of the self-sponsored ClickBank ads on Familyclix. Which only proves that he is the owner of Familyclix. Initially these ads were showing the affiliate username ‘balkanika’ which is the Golden Group admin username, now these ads are showing the affiliate name ‘familyclix’. Since I knew he was going to remove the ads once we publish this review, I captured video proofs as well.

The video below shows self-sponsored ClickBank ad on Goldenclix. The Clickbank affiliate link is encrypted, however if you just copy the ClickBank hop link and paste it in your browser, the affiliate username associated with the Clickbank account will be shown. That’s what we did as you can see in the video. The affiliate username is ‘balkanika’. See for yourself.

The next video shows admin self-sponsored ClickBank ad on Familyclix also with the affiliate username ‘balkanika’. Which proves that Goldenclix and Familyclix are connected, both sites are showing self-sponsored admin’s ads with the same affiliate username. Obviously, both sites are owned by the same admin. is the another site from the dubious Golden Group network (review here), which consist of other scam sites such as,,, and the closed scam site Proofs attached below.

clixsense advertising platform

Reasons why you should avoid using

Ties to other Scam Sites – The Golden Group is a scam network. Balkanikaclix has been closed down, Clixdo and Adzpot are no longer paying, there are no new payments for almost 2 months, Goldenclix and Silverclix are poorly managed sites by an admin who doesn’t have a clue how to run a successful long-standing PTC and must deliberately suspend thousands of users to avoid paying them in order to keep his collapsing sites alive by stealing money from members that have rightfully earned. Since the Golden Group sites have ruined reputation, the admin have to hide behind fake names when opening new sites. Because if people knew that he opened new sites, most of them will keep away from his sites.

He can lie, but the proofs don’t lie. This admin very often is using the username ‘balkanikaclix’ or ‘balkanika’ on many other affiliate programs. The usernames comes from his first scam site which is no longer online, it was improperly closed without paying off the debt. Now let’s take a look at the affiliate links for the ClickBank products he promotes with the self-sponsored ads on Familyclix.
FamilyClix clickbank ads with affiliate username balkanika
The ClickBank affiliate link from the screenshot above is encrypted. If you just copy the ClickBank hop link and paste it in your browser, the affiliate username associated with the ClickBank account will be shown. Here is the encrypted hop link from FamilyClix, it is exactly the same link as on the screenshot above, after visiting this link click the yellow “Add to Cart” button, you will be redirected to a ClickBank Secure Payment Form page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the affiliate username displayed there. It says [ affiliate = balkanika ] as you can see on the screenshot below.
Familyclix ClickBank affiliate balkanika
That is the ClickBank username of the Golden Group admin, also used on his other sites, for instance on Goldenclix too.

Goldenclix clickbank ads with affiliate username balkanika
The ClickBank affiliate link from the screenshot above is also encrypted, that’s why you don’t see the username ‘balkanika’. Just copy/paste the ClickBank hop link in your browser, the affiliate username will be shown. Here is the encrypted hop link from Goldenclix, the same link as on the screenshot above. After clicking it you will see the username ‘balkanika’ in the URL in your address bar. This proves that Goldenclix and Famyliclix are connected, both sites are showing self-sponsored admin’s ads with the same affiliate username.
Also the same ClickBank affiliate username ‘balkanika’ appears in the self-sponsored ads on Bearbux, which is another new site from the same admin.
Bearbux clickbank ads with affiliate ID balkanika

Moreover, the same domain name servers are being used on Famyliclix and other sites from the Golden Group network, including the latest site Bearbux.

Familyclix domain name server

As per the welcome message posted on the Familyclix forum, there are 2 admins, ‘Juan’ and ‘Maria’ from the Philippines (let’s not forget the Golden Group admin lives in the Philippines for the last couple of months). Let’s take a look at their avatars, which are taken from the web and don’t belong to these two admins.

The avatar of ‘Maria’ is from Erich Gonzales, a Filipina actress, and Juan’s avatar is from fictional tv character Juan Dela Cruz. Just to let you know that the avatars are not from the real admins.

Another similarity with the Golden Group sites, at the moment Familyclix runs a promo deal for 6 months upgrade, users will get 300 rented referrals and free advertising credits. This is the same promo held on Goldenclix and Silverclix few months ago.

familyclix same promo deals with goldenclix and silverclix

Just to show you with what kind of con-artist you are dealing with, the admin is also registered as a member on Familyclix, under his real username ‘Balkannikaclix’. He promotes Familyclix on his other sites, Goldenclix and Silverclix.
familyclix self-sponsored ads on silverclix and goldenclix

Of course he use referral link to avoid suspicion, without referral link would be too obvious that he owns Familyclix. And there is another much stronger reason, he compete against other members in the referral contests. At his very own site! Sure, why not, why to pay someone else the reward for the first place in the contest when the admin himself can win the contest.
familyclix referral contest, admin winner
He even have payment proofs and stats threads on the forum.
“Wow, payment within 30 minutes!! Thank you admin!!” (admin thanks himself, hilarious!)
He also have his own stats thread in which he is explaining you in details how the bot referrals are great at Familyclix and he suggest you to extend your RR to 365/720 days. What a cheap trick to lure people in.

So he have two accounts on Familyclix, one admin account and a ‘regular’ member account. Since he is known for banning people without a reason at all, giving members some lame excuses about TOS violations, now he should ban himself too, both of his accounts due to multi-account creation. Because you know, he is always acting in accordance with the TOS.

Familyclix Review – Summary

Familyclix is owned by the GoldenClix admin, no doubt about that. He have to lie about who he really is because he have zero credibility. He have to hide his bad history and record of running scam sites so he could continue with his scamming tactic. I would advise to stay away from Familyclix since it is owned by admin involved into other scam sites. Familyclix has been placed on the Not Recommended list. You have been warned.

Review Published: 13 Dec 2014

Review Last Updated:

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66 comments on “FamilyClix Review – Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended

  1. Hidayat

    Familyclix is a criminal

  2. salsh chowdhury

    Familyclix is a real bullshit scam site…i was 300+ R.R and my balance was $79 in my account..but without any reason my account is suspended when i was going to cash out my first payment………this is really Scam sit!!!! so do not sign up there anybody. thanks..

  3. fujiltd

    familyclix is scam site,suspended my account and frame me used auto-click software,I click it for more than 3 months,earn $1.8,we can caculate.The average click a day is less than 10.actully i often click the ad value more than 0.001 only,wan not click other low value ad

    • fujiltd

      if use auto-click software,the target is only 10 or less? the ad amount of the scam site is about 20 or more everyday

  4. Sysadmin

    WoW , thats a good catch my friend.
    You did a good job , I had bad experience with goldenclix, never got paid

  5. Rui Santos

    This site is not scam. He pay me yesterday.
    In my blog is all the best paying sites.
    [the blog promotes scam sites, linking not allowed]

  6. dipak

    scammer admin..scam me $10 and ban my account..scam,368787.0.html

  7. I received money here both site as standard user..So just my experiences I not means any..

  8. Melany


    I have also a prove that “Mr” Edin is using bots for rental refs.

    I suppose they already suspended my account

  9. Thanks for your reviews on FamilyClix. I didn´t know they are part of GoldenClix. Read about GoldenClix from ANOTHER WEBSITE. Although they paid but I will not invest any further.

  10. yayali247

    Hi dear ptccentral!
    Goldenclix admin Edin is a crazy fu**er.And why twickerz admin still support him.I think EDin lives in phillipine for her(sorry for I talk about their personal life).I am not sure,but guess.Twickerz is elite site.But I think it will turn into a scam in future(I know any site will turn into a scam).But I think twickerz will turn into a scam because for edin.

  11. Mijakill

    PTC Central FTW!!

  12. ahmed

    tell to edin scamer
    if we find him and his family he will see
    that Fu8cin idiot cant threatening anyone when he scamed douazend of people

  13. Solid review. One of the admins now making accusations of blackmailing.

    • PTCCentral

      They don’t want the truth exposed and they will to do everything they can to misrepresent the truth, they are just trying to discredit and deny the authenticity of this review. Everything said against us in that post is a complete lie. Blackmailing? Paid reviews? We owned scam sites? We took Familyclix down? False allegations in an empty-words statement. They have been exposed and now they are making up this story that is a complete lie, just trying to distract members attention. That’s what scammers and deception artist do. Spread lies and deceit, trying to convince you to believe in what they want you to believe and they will do everything to divert your attention away from the truth.

      If we simply analyze what the admin said, we can see that this made-up story is nothing else but a bunch of bull. Firstly, the admin says we have ‘talent to edit pictures’ referring that the provided screenshots of the self-sponsored ads in this review are fake. Which of course is not true, the screenshots are genuine, taken from their website, and the affiliate links are provided under the screenshots, according to them the links are fake too, huh? We even provided video proofs, for sure they will say now we have talent to edit videos too. These screenshots are the key proof in this review, all of the self-sponsored ads on Familyclix were having the same affiliate username ‘Balkanika’ which is the username of the Goldenclix admin. These ponzi bux sites lack of advertisers, that’s why they have to fill the gap by placing their own self-sponsored ads, placed there by the site admin, when you see 8 self-sponsored ads all with the same affiliate link you simply know that these are admin ads.

      They said that they exchanged ads with Goldenclix. Really? They exchanged 8 standard ads with Goldenclix for what? I don’t see any other ads in the standard ads section on Goldenclix except the Goldenclix self-sponsored ads. Later, this admin says that the Goldenclix admin ‘bought’ ads from them. Great, the admin just proved to be a liar and just confirmed that the screenshots are not fake, but genuine, displaying the affiliate link of the Goldenclix admin, since he ‘bought’ the ads, as they claim. So the screenshots now are not fake, ha? But wait a minute, if the Goldenclix admin bought the ads or if they exchanged ads with him, why the hell he commented on our facebook page also saying that the screenshots are fake? Since he ‘bought’ the ads or make ads exchange with Familyclix, he would have known that his affiliate links are behind these ads which means the screenshots cannot be fake. On top of that, why the hell they replaced all affiliate links on these ads few minutes after the Goldenclix admin commented on our facebook page? I mean if you got such a ‘big advertiser’ that paid a lot of money for 8 standard ads, would you risk to lose this advertiser by removing the ads which he paid for? No, they replaced the affiliate links just to make up this story about the fake screenshots. We have reviewed more than enough scam sites over the years to know what kind of tricks these admins will do once they are exposed, we knew they were going to remove the affiliate links once we publish this review, that’s why we took video proofs as well. And the video proofs are undeniable.

      This admin is a very poor liar and yet suggests to members to stop believing reviewers and believe only them since they are a good site? This con-artist admin out of nowhere concluded that our review site must be run by fake people, yet the very same admin use a fake picture of ‘herself’, hiding behind the picture of Filipina actress and just trying to manipulate you.

      We have never asked for money from site admins to give good ratings to their sites, although some past scammers tried to bribe us to remove their sites from the Sites to Avoid list, which of course we didn’t accept. We rank sites by certain criteria, money is not involved. You simply can’t pay here to receive good rating. We never asked for money or accepted money to give good ratings to any site reviewed here. As already said, these con-artists will do everything to divert your attention away from the truth and to manipulate you by creating false allegations. Nothing new here, the entire PTC industry is based on lies and deception.

      To sum up, we gave you our warnings and provided genuine proofs for these warnings, they gave you an empty words deception, false allegations without a proof. Decide for yourself what to believe.

  14. Yo Momma

    Maybe there is a higher possibility that there is more than 1 balcanica username in the world of internet. And copying websites graphical layout is rather common in ptc world.
    as for same servers ip address, same servers can be used for several sites. im sure there are other sites on the same server. you just found out 4.
    anyway, i believe familyclix is ok, since they are paying on time, everytime, and im not even upgraded member. lol.

    thanks for your effort though, your research skills are impressive.

    • PTCCentral

      Maybe there is a higher possibility that there is more than 1 balcanica username in the world of internet.

      It’s not balkanica, it’s balkanika. We are not talking about the world of internet here, we are talking about Clickbank username, all ClickBank affiliates must have unique usernames associated with their accounts, there can’t be 2 identical ClickBank usernames for 2 different affiliates, if the username is already taken, it cannot be used by another affiliate, which means the username in question is associated with one account that belongs to the same person. (click on the image to enlarge it)

      And copying websites graphical layout is rather common in ptc world.

      Who said anything about the website graphical layout?

      as for same servers ip address, same servers can be used for several sites. im sure there are other sites on the same server. you just found out 4.

      Of course there are other websites using the same DNS, however in addition to all other proofs that shows the connection between these 4 sites, I just found 4 sites that are owned by the same person, using the same DNS and hosted on the same server.

      anyway, i believe familyclix is ok, since they are paying on time, everytime, and im not even upgraded member. lol.

      Paying on time, every time is not really a great achievement for a 3 months old site. Adzpot, Clixdo, Balkanikaclix were ‘ok’ too and paying on time until they stopped to pay, look where are those websites today. The point is that the admin has been involved into other non-paying sites and he have to hide that by using fake names and deceiving you. If that’s ok for you, then you can continue to use familyclix. It’s yours choice. But take note that in the PTC world history tends to repeat itself very often. We give warnings and proofs for our warnings, it is up to you to decide whether to listen or ignore our warnings.

  15. Thank you admin anyway I just received money here as standard user for my 1st payment just 24hour I got proof

  16. pokeplayer984

    The place peaked my interest, but I wanted to wait until your review before joining. Good thing I waited. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  17. It’s really great and helpful posting.

    • Thanks for your of family clix. I have made $2.00 by clicking and have requested withdrawal of 4@.00 today. But I think I am not going to get that money. Join this best for survey.

  18. Good job finding the connection. LOL…Sneaky aren’t they?

  19. These are some sites that I see frequently these day. It was good that I saw your review before any decision. I was considering them as good ptc site before coming across this review.

  20. please review
    another ponzi group
    eighclix- fourclix – firsclix – clixlog – 3dclix

    • carlos

      Why you want to review on TRULY SCAMMING SITES 8clix / 4clix / 1clix / clixlog / 3dclix?… same admin same goes… Been standard and having more than 50 direct referrals is sufficient reason for a Suspension. Been Upgraded and cashout fast and surely you get banned for using Proxy or VPN or anything he want to say in the momment. And don´t even try to be on ROI bcos surething is that you will be banned.

      Same or worse than the Golden Group.