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Update Jan 5: CroClix turned into forced-investment program. As per this announcement on their forum, “Due security reasons, from now only upgraded members are able to receive money.” I guess free members have become a security threat for this ponzi bux self-sponsored ads program. That’s correct, free members are the biggest “threat” for bux sites since free members don’t pour money into the system which will be used to pay other members. In my opinion, Croclix is on the edge of scam, as any other bux site they need fresh incoming funds from new investors to pay earlier investors, their funds are drying out, that’s why now they are forcing free members to upgrade in order to become eligible for cashout request. As per the information I have, Croclix is cancelling pending payments of free members and returning the requested amount to account balance and asking members to upgrade. The right way to do this would be to pay out all current balances, prior to enforcing this rule, because people signed up knowing that they could cashout as free members, they have rightfully earned their balances but now they cannot cashout as free members. Since we do not review forced-investment programs, Croclix will be moved to the Not-Reviewable list. If you ask me, personally I would not recommend Croclix, they are using tricks to prevent members from cashing out (refer to the first point of the Downsides section below), and now they turned into forced-investment program using excuses about security reasons.

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Note: The article below will remain intact for information purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

Croclix Review – Description:

Croclix is PTC site, launched on October 17, 2013. It pays users for viewing advertisements, completing PTSU offers and other offers from few OfferWall networks. As of January 4, 2015 Croclix turned into forced-investment program, and since we do not review or follow sites that requires some kind of investment/upgrade from free members in order to cashout, Croclix has been moved to the Not-Reviewable list. Moreover, there are certain aspects that personally we do not like about Croclix, for more details refer to the Downsides section of the review below.

Things we do like about

Paying – Croclix currently is paying its members. Payment proofs can be found on their website and other places over the net. On the links below you can see some payment proofs from other users:
Croclix Proof of Payments page
Proof of Payments on Croclix forum
Proof of Payments on eMoneyspace forum

Forum – They have a forum. In our opinion, a PTC site should have a forum. The forum is a place where members and staff can communicate with each other. Members can post their success stories or doubts, post payment proofs, share the experience that they had with the site, ask for support and stay informed about the recent changes made to the site. Usually, on the forum you can notice the first signs if something is wrong. If members complain about non-payments or payment delays, then most likely the site is experiencing problems.

Downsides – Things to Pay Attention to:

Deposit/Cashout Issues – There are 5 payment processors opened for deposits, including Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Egopay and SolidTrustPay, but only Paypal is available for cashouts, the remaining are closed. They claim they will open the remaining processors when there will be enough funds at the respective payment processors. Big question is when is that going to happen. For instance, there are no new Payza payments since April 15 2014, no new EgoPay payments since January 26 2014, no new Perfect Money payments since September 20 2014 and there is not a single payment paid via SolidTrustPay (all data taken from their Proof of Payments page). What’s concerning here is that (if you make a deposit) you must cashout to the same payment processor used for deposit (as per their TOS).

“You can only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you`ve used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount.The Maximum amount you can request to the other Payment processor is equal to the value of the purchases you`ve made through them individually. In the event of equal most value of purchases between two or more payment processors you can make an unlimited payment request for each one that is part of the par”.

That means if you made a deposit through other payment processors, such as Payza, Perfect Money, Egopay or SolidTrustPay, you can’t withdraw your earnings since Paypal is the only available option for cashout and the terms says that you must withdraw to the payment processor used to deposit. You will have to add funds via Paypal in amount higher than the amount deposited through other payment processors. Then you will become eligible for Paypal cashout request. But what happens if Paypal is not available in your country? Basically you can’t withdraw your earnings, even if you make deposits, only Paypal is available for cashout, all other payout options are closed. So if you are from a country where Paypal is not accepted, better skip this site.

Self-Sponsored Ads – Over 75% of ads available for free members are self-sponsored. For instance, 80% of the fixed ads are admin ads (at the time of update), 100% of the Standard and the Micro ads are admin ads, and 50% of the lowest value Mini ads are self-sponsored admin ads. These ads are placed there by the admin, they are not from external advertisers that purchased advertising at the site, just the admin is promoting his referral links for other PTC sites. The concept of self-sponsoring is bad because the site depends on commissions from other PTC sites in order to pay members for viewing these ads. It’s dangerous and risky if they don’t make enough commissions, that means there won’t be any money to pay you for viewing these ads. That may possibly lead to cash flow issues, unless the site have proper budget for self-sponsored ads or other solid income streams. As it happens, generally PTC sites don’t make enough sales/commissions to cover the expenses for showing these self-sponsored ads. Anyone remember Clicksia/Incentria? They were showing self-sponsored $0.001 ads as well and they closed down after operating in loss for years. Yes, they were paying for years, but at the end their owner admitted that they were in loss for years and he had to use his income from other affiliate programs to pay members. Which is another proof that self-sponsoring is not sustainable. It is sad to see that many PTC site owners are opening PTC sites to promote their affiliate links instead of building a real PTC site that will entirely depend on advertising income.

A “Bux” Site – CroClix can be categorized as a Bux site, even though changes and additions were implemented, like decreasing the value of their self-sponsored ads from $0.005 to $0.001, yet it is still a bux site. The “bux” model is unsustainable business model build over a ponzi foundations, rather that advertising income. Bux sites heavily relies on selling expensive upgrades or renting referrals to pay members, and they are displaying self sponsored admin ads, as already said over 75% of the ads at Croclix are admin’s self-sponsored ads. Typically, a bux site will lack of advertising revenue to cover the cost of the self sponsored ads. Be sure to test a bux site and do your research if you plan to invest money. Even if you decide to invest in a bux site, never invest more than you can afford to lose. So decide carefully.

Changes Without Notice – They have increased the minimum payout from $3 to $5, implemented stepped cashout system ($5 – $7 – $8 – $9 – $10) and increased the payout waiting time from 3 days to 7 business days without informing their members. They should have been transparent about such changes and inform their members about important changes.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Personal Information Required – Users using false information, including full name, when registering or changing their personal settings will have their account suspended.
  • Sign up Offers – Members can earn by completing PTSU Offers (currently $0.10 per completed offer). If you have followed the instructions and completed the offer successfully, the advertiser should approve the offer then the money will be automatically credited to your account. If advertiser not approve your completed PTSU, auto approval is after 7 days. Members with 10 or more denied offers will not be able to complete PTSU in future.
  • Grid Game– They have a grid game which you can play daily. All you need to do is to click anywhere in the grid and an ad will appear, once the ad has been viewed (10 seconds timer), you will be given a notice if you have won or you need to try your luck again. You will get credited as soon as you win and your winning prize will go directly to your account balance. You will be given a number of tries daily which will depend on your membership. Standard members get 25 chances per day. Prize is up to $2.00 per click.
  • Points System – You will receive a certain amount of points for different actions you make on the site. These points can be converted to cash in your purchase balance and used to make purchases on the site. You can convert points in your purchase balance at the rate of $1.00 for 5000 points.
  • Cashout Options and Conditions – Payments are made via PayPal. The minimum amount required for cash out is set to $5.00 for the first request, $7.00 for the second, $8.00 for the 3rd, $9.00 for the 4th and $10.00 for the 5th and all next cashout requests. From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use. Payments to members are processed within 7 business days. Free members must upgrade to paid membership in order to request payout. You need to post payment proofs screenshot on the forum in order to receive your next payment.
  • Inactive Accounts Suspension – Inactive accounts are removed after 90 days. Account termination is irreversible and all balances will be forfeited.
  • Script – EvolutionScript
  • Owner – Elvir Kicin, also owns
Croclix terms of serviceCroclix frequently asked questionsCroclix upgrade options
  • January 5, 2015 – Croclix turned-into forced investment program, moved to the Not-Reviewable list.
  • November 6, 2014 – Standard ads click rate decreased from $0.005 to $0.001.
  • July 12, 2014 – Changes to the payout terms without notice. Minimum payout and payout waiting time have been increased. Stepped cashout system introduced.
  • June 9, 2014 – SolidTrustPay added as a new payment processor.
  • May 10, 2014 – Grid game and Perfect Money added.
  • February 17, 2014 – Review published, site added to the New Sites List.

Croclix Review – Summary:

Croclix has been online and paying for over a year. As of January 4, 2015 Croclix turned into forced-investment site, free members must upgrade in order to request payout. We do not review, follow or recommend forced investment sites, therefore CroClix has been moved to the Not Reviewable list. This review will be no longer updated, make sure to do your own research if you are using or if you plan to use Croclix. Take note that if you don’t have a Paypal account (read the downsides section above) then Croclix may not be the right site for you.

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33 comments on “ – Is it a Scam? | Not-Reviewable

  1. Yuriy Kosterenko

    Website SCAM!!!!!!!!!Admin scammer!!!!!!!!!!!!When withdrawing money block the account.

  2. Ignacio j

    Hi ellos suspendieron mi cuenta hoy ahora veo que los usuarios se ven obligados a invertir , les deseo todo el mal de el mundo a estos chupa cuerpo de la página ya que me suspendieron mi cuenta , they are scam scam scam go to hell suspenden muy account any reason

  3. Мошенники. Сразу блокируют аккаут, как поставишь на вывод. Мошенники!

  4. Krasen

    Total SCAM,after months of clicking and almost got 4$ they suspend my account without any reason.SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My First Payment on Croclix 2015-01-01 Croclix 5.00$ (proof) I was received here as standard user but I not sure for admin said but I have been invest before..anyway I have been waiting for my 1st payment almost 10 days they not include holidays and weekend.

    • PTCCentral

      That is few days earlier, before they enforced this new rule. Since January 4, 2015 only upgraded members are eligible for cashout request.

  6. And do not tell me that websites are using it for not paying members. Admins scams are easily identified.
    Admin when it is honest, is honest and point ..

  7. I see prosperous breaking websites.
    I see obscure Comment prosperous sites.
    I see the total injustice about it.
    Enough of this garbage called Chaters.

  8. I would just like to add that:
    This junk called Chaters is responsible for breaking many sites.
    This junk called Chaters of cents thief, and can not be identified for all.
    This junk called Chaters of cents thief, today is almost equal to the number of honest members and workers.
    If the sites will not seek a way to defend themselves, and each uses his, will all break.
    The comments it seems that are paying normally.
    PTCcentral be one of the best blogs of PTC comments, admin is good and always speaks the truth.
    Kick for a challenge to comment on the rubbish called Chaters cents thieves who are there to break multiple sites.
    I see a lot of injustice in relation to this in several blogs, this pest has to be clear to everyone.

    • Dear “Alexandre Zelcovit” Do you working in ClixSense as a PTC adviewer ? If you don’t mind please reply me.

      • not understand your question, yes I work in ClixSense.

        • Thanks “Alexandre Zelcovit” for giving response on my comment. I am now sured that you are the OWNER of R4BUX now. I am working on R4BUX. For this why I have want to know about you and your earning strategy.
          Finally sorry for my bad english.

          • sorry, yes, I am admin r4bux, no, I will not teach you the strategy, each has its own strategy.

  9. arrozsigala

    Admin can you tell me if and is the same admin?

    • PTCCentral

      Yes, ecoclix is from the same admin and it also turned into forced-investment site.

      • arrozsigala

        thanks admin for the answer

  10. tru

    Referral Earnings is $0.005 standard and $0.01 upgrade no 20% for standard members.

  11. wolv and admin is the same Whoisguard.

    • PTCCentral

      WhoisGuard is privacy protection provider used by over 2 million websites. Doesn’t mean the websites are associated.

      • christopher lugas

        admin, tell me and please investigates this site, its is a legit or scam thanks,

  12. Lems64

    Just receive a payment from yesterday

    Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID # )

    Business Name:
    Cro Media (The sender of this payment is Non-U.S. – Verified)
    Buyer email:
    Payment sent to:

    Business Contact Information

    Customer Service URL:
    Customer Service Email:

    Amount received:
    $7.00 USD
    Fee amount:
    -$0.57 USD
    Net amount:
    $6.43 USD

    Issue a refund Help

    You have up to 60 days to refund the payment.

    Nov 29, 2014
    08:17:56 PST


    You’ve received a payment from CroClix.
    Payment type:

    Great site try it with my link

  13. Dear admin, is it possible to decide wether a PTC site sould be avoided from min. add funds? Such as gptplanet (legit) required $2 and other site required $5. It’s really confusing to detect which site should be avoided. Thank you very much.

    • PTCCentral

      I would say it is possible. It depends on the site and what features they offer, but for most sites $5 is the “standard” minimum, for some even less than that. If the minimum add funds is higher than $5, then it definitely looks suspicious, as there are some scammers around that set the minimum to $10 or more and that’s part of their scamming tactic, collect as much money as they can and leave after a while. Use caution with sites that have their minimum add funds higher than $5.

      • Latifah

        Thank you very much. By the way, it seems you were right (as always :D). Ads-globe turned into scam. I couldn’t access that website. I’m just sad, I already warned other members, but some didn’t believe me. I hope they didn’t lose much money.

  14. Croclix is paying and launched on November 17, 2013. Almost 1 year!!! Join with my link:

    Best PTC Websites

  15. kamran

    does crolcix also own

    • PTCCentral

      Yes, both sites have the same owner.

  16. boris

    Admin is from Croatia and he is paying already 1 Year, so it is safe to invest your time and money

  17. Wanthani

    Amount received:
    $3,06 USD
    Fee amount:
    -$0,44 USD
    Net amount:
    $2,62 USD

    Issue a refund

    You have up to 60 days to refund the payment.

    28 Mar 2014
    11:05:03 GMT+01:00

    You’ve received a payment from CroClix.
    Payment type:

  18. JR

    I just reached cash out a few days ago, and received my payment today. Note I cashed out at $3.00 and got $2.58 after fees, in case anyone wonders how much the fee is. Maybe a different processor has different fees but I used PayPal, and am in the USA. Anyway I have no problem with this site so far. The fee is a little much and the earning rate is not super fast but it does work, and that’s what matters, especially since some sites are scams. This one seems very good so far. We’ll see how it goes but I have had a good experience so far. Please use my referral link if you’d like to sign up!

  19. I will sign to this ptc site very soon. Im glad to pass by here and read which ones are good so far and how it is updated frequently.

  20. its paying and trusted site

    • hiiii i am from india
      can i make money from