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Get paid to complete simple tasks with CashCrate
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Get Paid To Do Free Offers!
CashCrate has been online for 12 Years 1 Month and 6 Days
Pays per Offer
Minimum Cashout
Monthly, on the 1st
or 15th
Payment Options
Paypal, Dwolla, Checks
Number of Offers
Affiliate Program
2 levels
No DR limit
Referral Earnings
Level 1 – 20%
Level 2 – 10%
Accepted Countries

CashCrate Review – Description:

CashCrate is a free membership GPT site available to users from all over the world. At CashCrate, users can earn money by completing offers provided by third-party advertisers. There are different kind of offers, surveys, tasks, contests, games. Additionally, they provides incentives to members for referring other people to the site – there is unlimited 2 levels referral system in place which rewards users for the activities of their recruits. CashCrate is not like the everyday PTC site. There are no ads to click on. On the other hand, depending on your location, there might be plenty of offers available for you. But if you don’t have the time to complete offers and surveys, then this site might not work well for you. However, don’t forget there is unlimited 2 levels referral program – you can refer new members as many as you can to boost your earnings. CashCrate has been online since February 2006 and has proven to be stable and paying site, therefore it will be placed on the Established Sites List.

Things we do like about

Well Managed Program – CashCrate is operating since February 15, 2006. It has passed the test of time and has proven to be stable and reliable, paying without major issues.

Paying – CashCrate is paying its members as per their Terms. We tested the site and we got paid:

First Payment Proof

More payment proofs can be found over the web:
CashCrate Payment Wall
Payment Proofs on CashCrate forum
Payment Proofs on eMoneyspace forum

Unlimited Affiliate Program (2 levels) – There is no limit of the number of people that you can refer to the site, which is excellent opportunity for members who are able to build a big and active downline. If manage to do so, then you could earn extra money without hard additional effort.

Free Worldwide Service – There are no restrictions, CashCrate is free international service and individuals from all over the world are allowed to join the site and to earn with it. Members can make money without having to invest any money to get started.

Forum – They have a forum. The forum is a place where members and staff can communicate with each other. Members can post their success stories or doubts, post payment proofs, share the experience that they had with the site, ask for support and stay informed about the recent changes made to the site. Usually, on the forum you can notice the first signs if something is wrong. If members complain about non-payments or payment delays, then most likely the site is experiencing problems.

Things to Pay Attention to:

Personal Information required – You must provide current and accurate information ( correct name and correct address ) to CashCrate. If you use fake info, later your account may be suspended.

Offers Not Crediting? – Some offers may not credit due to various reasons and this is a common issue for all GPT sites. Make sure to follow the directions provided by the advertiser. Do one offer at a time. Do not use false information. Do not do the same offer twice (e.g the same offer completed earlier on another GPT site). When completing offers, cookies are placed on your computer for tracking and approval purposes. If you are doing multiple offers provided by the same advertiser, probably you already have a cookie stored on your computer from your previous completed offers from the same advertiser, and some of these offers may not credit. Which is why you need to clear your cookies before beginning a new offer/survey from the same advertiser. Some third-party offers may require a credit card to complete. I would suggest to do the free offers only, however if you are going to complete credit card offers, make sure you know who you are giving your information to (you are giving your info to the advertiser, not to CashCrate which cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong with the offer). Make sure there is SSL security protocol on the page on which you are submitting your credit card info. If a credit card/trial offer does not credit then email the site and provide them the confirmation email you received from an offer/order and other screenshots to prove you have completed the offer and ask them and look into the issue and to notify the advertiser to take investigation.

Geo Targeted Offers – Most offers are targeted to geographical locations and available to those users within the United States. If you are from other country, you may get less offers or no offers at all for specific categories. Therefore, this site may be slow earner for you if you are relying on your personal earning, but you can always refer new members to boost your earnings.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Referral System – There are 2 levels in the CashCrate referral program. You will earn 20% of what your 1st level direct referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make (2nd level referrals), plus, you’ll get a $3.00 bonus when your referrals earn their first $10.00.
  • Account Levels (Free Upgrades) – Levels are how you advance on CashCrate. Each time you level up, your earning potential grows. As you reach certain number of referrals, you will level up and receive higher earnings from your referrals. For more details, you can read this article.
  • Points – You can earn points by completing Points Offers. Points can be used to redeem gift cards from the Prize shop, play games, and enter to win in the Crates contest.
  • Sign Up Bonus – New members will get free $1 sign up bonus upon joining.
  • Cashout Options – Payments are made through Paypal, Dwolla, Check or Direct Deposit. The minimum payout is $20. Earnings for the current month are sent on the 1st or on the 15th of the following month, depending on member status and the payment method selected. To receive payments by Paypal you must cash at least one check and achieve Silver+ status of your account (refer minimum 50 members or reach $500 in total earnings). More details about the payment methods here.
  • Owner – Joe Coleman aka “Cashcrate Joe” (USA)
  • July 14, 2014 – Review completed, site has been added to the Established List.

CashCrate Review – Bottom Line:

CashCrate has been online and paying for more than 8 years. It has proven to be a stable and paying site. It may be hard to earn, since it requires time and effort to complete offers and surveys, but not impossible. There are many people earning decent income with GPT sites. You can also focus on referring others to build a big and active downline and get rewarded for the activity of your referrals. In our opinion, CashCrate is a safe site to use and earn with. We would suggest to join the site and see how it works out for you. Watch the video guide, read their “How to Guides” and tutorials on the forum to get better understanding about the program and how to earn with it.

Review Published: 14 Jul 2014

Review Last Updated:

Note: The information included in this review is based on Free/Standard membership details. Please refer to the site for information about upgrade/rented referrals features and do your own due diligence before using those features.

We would like to hear your opinion about CashCrate. You are welcome to share your experience that you had with this site. Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

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45 comments on “CashCrate Review – Established GPT Program | Paying Since 2006

  1. noname67

    Starting in January 2017, Silver Status becomes available to members who earn $100 or more. The prior earning requirement was $500, so it is now much easier to reach Silver Status!

    For international users: Earn $100+ (or $101) and get paid via check, 2 – 3 weeks after you have requested your check you will have the Paypal option available in your account settings, select Paypal and get paid faster with minimum or no fees. Simple, earn over $100 via check and then all other future payments are via Paypal.
    Cashcrate has better survey payrates then other sites.

    So come join me at Cashcrate and make some real money

  2. Are You Looking For An Authentic
    WAY To REALLY Make Money Free?
    No Hype, No Lies,No Upgrades – Just A Real Simple Methods
    That Works!

    Yes, CashCrate is good but NOT the only one.

    Here’s a list of my top 11 free sites 2017.

    Prepare to Be Amazed!

    1.) Without question an amazing site.

    2.) TreasureTrooper has been around 10 years and it’s simply the best. My favorite feature for making money is “Cash mobile” I’m earning $0.50 per app I download very cool.

    3.) Really Get paid to like stuff on Facebook. This is perfect for Instagram Junkies, twitter Junkies, etc.. getting paid to do what you’re already doing, super easy money!!

    4.) A very cool way to make money and invested it, because Revshares don’t work, Grandbux do.

    5.) The only free site I’ve ever seen that pays you to play (The Card Game) games. Real PayPal Money, NO BS!

    6.) An old-school survey site but the very best of its kind

    7.) Clixsense is the only PTC (paid to click) site I use and a definite must have in anyone’s frer money making Arsenal.

    8.) Everyone knows about Swagbucks, if you haven’t visited Swagbucks in a while go back and see what’s new.

    9.) PayToo is a payment processor similar to PayPal accept they have an amazing referral program well worth checking out.

    10.) Adfly pays you to share links similar to Bitly except they pay and have a referral program as well, Very Profitable.

    11.) A lot like clickbank but a lot easier to understand and work with. The only affiliate program that pays through PayPal without hassles.

  3. Cashcrate is great but you can’t hang your hat on it because they will ban you for no reason anyway that’s old school way of making money there’s bigger easier ways of making money out there now.

    No one has to live without the money they need, NOT ANYMORE!

    If you have access to the internet you can make real money. Open to International members.

  4. I think this GPT site is recommended for those who are in the top tier countries.

  5. Joao

    Very good gpt site, with many ways to earn. you can earn respectable amount specially if you are in the top tier countries(us, uk, au). else it will take a while to cashout.
    one thing that SUCKS about this site, is the high cashout, and first cashout is by check.
    Surveys are one of the most lucrative.
    Register Here

  6. If your into surveys you can do vary well here. I believe people with children and experience with children will find the most matching surveys. Most of my earnings come from filling out offers. Which I starting to run out of options there. Back to the surveys.

  7. CashCrate is a good site but here’s the twist. They’re super quick to ban your account for just about any reason, that means you don’t get paid, not cool.

    There are much better free sites out there.
    I earn $19 per day

  8. nikhil

    beter then neobux
    earn lots of $ from home
    i earn 14$ per 2days

  9. I have been a member of Cashcrate for over 6 years and in all that time I have received 1 cheque for $42 and that was just at the beginning for completing the Top offers.

    Don’t even bother with the Surveys as you will never earn that way (you could spend 15 minutes on a Survey and if they decide you are no matched to it they will just end and you won’t get credited and that happens alot!

    If you look at the forums you’ll see one of the top earners boasting about making $300 last month but if you look at how many referrals you need for that you soon lose the drive (over 50,000 referrals).

    Stick to something that does make real money.

  10. Been doing this for 3 months at cashcrate . Have made some money, but as of last week something has changed with cashcrate. At least a dozen people
    posting in forum, about not getting credit for surveys. Talk to the moderator and it is a typical scripted response, always to their advantage. They will lie and tell you that you are mistaken and must have been on some other PTC site and are confused.

  11. can give me more detail about this site?

  12. Hello. I’m Rob and I have been a member with CashCrate since last July. I go by the username AppoholicsAnonymous there and to date I’ve earned over $10,000 there. I always see all of the comments from people proclaiming that it is a scam or they do not pay out enough per survey for it to be worth the time. I see the responses about people stating there isn’t any offers or surveys available for them. I cannot speak for anyone else however I would certainly like to share my experience by linking to some of my own posts I started on CashCrate’s own forum if that is alright. I really don’t think I am allowed to post a direct link here on this comment although I am incorporating the link to my name here so you may be able to click on my name and be linked to the threads I am talking about. If that does not work simply Google the CashCrate forum and search for my user name there, “AppoholicsAnonymous”. You don’t need to sign up to read my posts.

    • Bev

      Great user name Rob.

    • PTCCentral

      Hi Rob,

      You are allowed to post links to other places as long as they are relevant to the respective page/review, so feel free to post links to your threads on the CashCrate’s forum.

    • lol if only that were true.

      • PTCCentral

        It appears to be true, here is his CashCrate profile.

        Quite possibly to earn that amount of money within a year with over 92K direct referrals.

        • My point is with over 92,000 referrals his current earnings for month to date (given that today is the 28th) is $198.30

          Not great numbers for the sheer number of refs is my point and its probably due to the fact that if thats with 90k referrals imagine how much a new starter is earning per month.

  13. Kharma

    same as wazeem, i earned nothing ,except for their bonus registration, but for other countries there is no offers , NOTHING , so i had to delete my account. Yes, you can cancel your account. This site is a waste of time for foreigners , no ads to click, and local residents are forced to purchase things in order to earn some cents back…lol a waste of time for fouls.

  14. wazeem

    I am a new member of cashcrate for a week but i still couldn’t make my earnings.because there aren’t much offers for my country.i am a me from where i should start my earnings?& if i look to import referal friends there has raised some errors.

  15. Hi!

    Please join here and Payment Proof: [link removed]

    • Yeah way to go. Rip off my splash page and some of my banners.

  16. vijay

    neobux, probux are paying site are not? i need your answer

  17. roger

    this site is a scam! have 2 outstanding orders totaling $ 20 since the 9th of August and so far nothing! not understand why I can not draw! this site is a scam!

    • PTCCentral

      I guess you requested a check, right? Earnings for the current month are sent on the 1st or on the 15th of the following month. Checks are generally mailed out between the 15th and 20th of the month. USA Bronze Members receive their checks around the 22nd to the 27th or so. International delivery outside of the USA can take up to a week or two longer. Make sure that your address in your profile is correct in order to receive your check. According to this announcement, if you earned $20 or more in August and did not manually set a higher minimum payout, you will have a payment coming in September. At the end, submit a support request and ask them when you will receive you payout.

      • roger

        dear admin ptccentral! I think you are not realizing my situation but I will try to explain better! I clicked on offer but the value is still pending and has not been for the balance of my account on the site! not I asked for no payment because the money does not appear in balance of my account!’s still 0.00! think now already realized! could tell me anything about this problem admin?

        • PTCCentral

          I see this is about pending offers. Tell me, did you just clicked/submitted the offer (as you said in your comment above, you didn’t said you completed the offer) or first you completed the offer and then submitted it for review and confirmation?

          An offer can be added to you pending offers list just by clicking the submit button next to each offer even if you didn’t completed the offer, but of course these offers will not be credited, as you can see in the offers guide regarding pending offers:

          Q: What does it mean when an offer is Pending?

          We provide the “Pending” feature only as a way for you to track the offers that you’ve done. Just because an offer is Pending does not mean it will be credited, and even if you forget to submit an offer to us, you’ll still receive credit for the offer when the company reports to us.

          You may have noticed that it’s possible to submit offers to us (and give them Pending status) even if you haven’t completed them. Remember that you will only be credited for the offer when the advertiser notifies us that you have completed the offer.

  18. Let me try to explain my last comment.

    Cashcrate use to be really good site, I’ve cashed a few checks but once you get paid they cancel your account.

  19. kisa

    Sadly I’d have to say, cashcrate has become a old school scam.

  20. George

    Cashcrate is a scam. I completed the offers and most do not credit. The credit card offers will not credit after I submitted my credit card information and submitted the confirmation after I completed the offers . The admin refuses to contact the advertiser to verify I completed the offer. Only surveys are giving me credit. I also have yet receive my payment after I cashed out.

    • The credit card offers to me are more like phishing scams just to get your credit card number or other information and either commit fraudulent activity or sell it to someone who will probably commit fraudulent activity. This is why I despise surveys on any website because you may waste your time doing a survey for a few minutes then find out you’re not “eligible”, which you could be eligible but don’t feel like paying you.

      • Some might be questionable yes, but they also say you do not have to do them to get paid. That’s why I usually work on the free stuff.

    • Cashcrate isn’t a scam. It’s just the way these types of sites. If you try any others, it is the same. I have received every payment Cashcrate has sent me.

      • George

        Just because the site is paying does not necessarily make it legit or not a scam. In ways, Cashcrate is a scam. Most of the offers they promote is to get members to give out their personal information and credit card information to advertisers. They used that info to commit fraud. Cash Crate is one of the scams sites I’d stay away. Even David Harris of scamxposer says so. PTC/GPT is not very profitable. Better go with much better programs like Project Payday or Wealthy Affiliate. Those sites are paying and can teach how you make a living online to make a stable income. Here are the facts why Cash Crate is considred a scam.

        • Then you could say the same about any GPT site, since they all operate the same. The way I look at it, if someone still gives out their information if they sign up for stuff or buy stuff directly from a website, why not do it and get paid? Besides, it’s not Cashcrate that asks for their info, it’s the advertisers. Also if people put in false information of course these sites won’t pay you, it’s the way they work. A scam is something that takes your money and does not pay you, which survey sites do not do. Cashcrate takes work to earn money with, and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. But hey, everyone has their preferences.

        • Scamxposer, is not very accurate. Just read what he says “If you are ok with being known as a scammer, by all means join the CashCrate affiliate program” What?! Merely by joining a site you are considered a scam? What complete nonsense. I don’t care if it is a scam or not, calling someone a scam due to merely joining and testing a site out is not a scammer. If you go by that, then George you just became a scammer in their eyes. Does that sound right to you?

          He bases his review off of what he read and not his own experience or facts. The fact is every GPT and PTC site he reviewed he labels as scams or not recommended. Even ClixSense. All of his recommended sites require some kind of investment or purchase. Just because PTC/GPT is not profitable enough for you or you can’t make a living off of it, doesn’t mean it is not recommended or a scam. It is just not your thing…

          Every GPT site has these issues. As for CashCrate, it is not a scam. I know from experience. It is common knowledge not to give complete strangers your credit card info online. On any GPT site, do the free offers only! It is up to the advertiser to pay CashCrate and in return they can pay you for the completed offer once the advertiser has released those funds. If the advertiser says they have no record of you completing the offer, then there isn’t much they can do about it. They can’t force them, or go hunt down your money for you. That is between you and the advertiser.

          • Hannah J Redman

            Cash Crate is a scam. Hope the Obama Administration shuts down Cash Crate for good just like they shut down Zeek Rewards.

            • Nonsense. You are comparing apples to oranges. Zeek Rewards was a ponzi. Big difference. Cashcrate does’t ask one cent from you. Some of you need to learn what a scam is.

              • Hannah J Redman

                You Wait and see as Obama will order the SEC to shut down Cash Crate for good. The owner and admin of Cash Crate has committed fraud over the years stealing people’s personal info and committed fraud on using their info. Even if the program is free to join.

                • Bravo! If You believe You are right, stand for it.
                  I had enough of that jungle on the net and there is not much I can do about it but if Obama can I’ll be happy to hear about that!!
                  Stand for what You believe -in.
                  One more time bravo.
                  How cans any side be not scam if they not paying there memb. and they told they will!?? What they should do to consider them scam, steal my credit card no. too??!! Nonsense.
                  Reviews should reflect real situation in real time.

                  • Cherry Sherry are you an Obama fan? Obama is the king of pop like Michael Jackson just as cash crate scams people.

              • Dear PTC Investigation,

                Real money-making reviewers contribute their valuable time and expertise and often their own time to further the Investigate scam sites and Cash Crate is one of them. They do this both for their own reasons – INTRINSIC VALUES; and for the benefit of the project or for and the enjoyment of others and the people who investigate scams to and prevent others from joining – EXTRINSIC VALUES.

                I see you trolling away from under your insignificant little bridge with your feeble little arguments about why these people – people who already give away much of their valuable time and expertise calling with sites are scams, are either purposefully trying to undermine you and your enjoyment by withholding new arguments you are trying to make – or should do more for you as you have the loudest voice. You being the hungry, ungrateful troll child under the bridge.

                Others who already do so much for the to review money makeing sites to see if they are scam or legit may have their own reasons, or reasons that you do not understand not to do something at this immediate point in time.

                To quantify, something that you PTC Investigation the troll are demanding right now is you are forcing to convince others that cash crate is as scam and thinking you are the smartest person in the world. I seem to remember something about Cash Crate being a scam where members lost money from the admin who refuses to pay from a previous discussion.

                Anyway, if I put $6000 of my own money towards buying to contribute to the purchase price.

                I see you have squirmed out of your way to convince others to believe in what you thing.. Your excuse being your seemingly poor current and future opinions prospects which are probably related to your poor attitude towards others respecting others view on money-making sites such as ptc sites thinking you are always right and we’re always wrong.

                Before you aim your pointy stick in my direction I feel that I have a right to speak on this topic as I countless hours investigating money making websites since the late 90s much longer than you have and found a lot complaints with the scam sites such as this one.. (I don’t keep a tally and don’t wish to.) Example – I discovered that Zeek Rewards stoled peoples personal information such as their credit card information to commit fraud and sold unregistered bonds to help themselves make money. I have interviewed a lot of people who used cash crate and zeek rewards and they all said they lost money and the owners were fraudulent and complaints were valid.

                I myself have some rare time to investigate money making sites As it is large and I don’t always have the right tools to do some cyber investigation on these sites.

                I am not abusing anyone’s opinions. I intend to put in place of respecting others views – but the lack of time to have it done professionally, or access to expensive technology such as a high resolution camera prohibits me from doing so ATM.

                I have just seen another scam site took people’s money and stoled their identity. Better save my time and bucks, not living on a lot at the moment being a full time uni student and all that.

                Then I suppose there is no real rush – I’ll declare them as scams when I see the truth.



                • It is funny how people use such terms and misuse them to their own benefit. Terms such as “trolling” or “Scam”. Because they don’t like someone or a site.

                  Tingoes, last I checked I am allowed to participate on other forums and blogs. I have too spent a lot of my spare time investigating scams and I still help people with scam sites today. Countless hours looking at sites I wouldn’t even go near or use. In case you missed it, I also check other blogs and sites for updates or info that they may have come across as well. It is called due diligence. Not trolling.

                  This appears to be more or less a personal attack against me. Which is uncalled for and just pure hatred from your part as your tone indicates. This is about CashCrate and I too have spent time working on the site and have been paid without issues. Used it years before I even wrote about scams and most of you even knew it existed. And just because my name is known doesn’t mean I have to keep my mouth shut and can’t disagree with others. Nor does it mean that my disagreement is made to force others to see it my way. As I have always welcomed other ideas and views in my comment sections. If I wanted only my word to be heard then I would have never spent the time managing forums and comment sections.

                  And I do respect other people’s opinion but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. Know the difference. I am fully aware that people have different experiences than me. And I respect that. But is is not always based on experience anymore. Many people post blindy that sites are scams based on their assumptions and not facts and that is the problem here. For example CashCrate is a scam because offers don’t credit. Or credit cards offers are being used to commit fraud by CashCrate. Which is not true and these people don’t fully understand the site. If this was true they would have been shut down long ago for credit card fraud, way before even ZeekRewards existed. Which by the way I find odd that you two keep bring up in the discussion and has nothing to do with this site or any GPT site.

                  At any rate, I am not going to spend too much time replying and having a back and forth with you. There are some lines you typed here that makes no sense to what is being discussed here. Such as…

                  “Anyway, if I put $6000 of my own money towards buying to contribute to the purchase price.”

                  Does not make any sense to what we are talking about here.

                  @PTCCentral I will retire from posting here as I don’t want your comment sections to be about personal attacks and cause disruptions on your reviews. I will go back under my “insignificant bridge” and only post here anonymously if I need be. Sorry for the trouble.