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bucks247 ptc advertising service
failed ptc program status badge
Click Rate
$0.005 - $0.0001
Minimum Cashout
Payout Wait
30 days
Payment Options
Paypal, Payza, EgoPay, OKPay, STP, PM
Ads per Day
55 +/-
Affiliate Program
60 DR Limit
50% ref earnings
Avg Daily Earnings
$0.0125 +/-
Accepted Countries

Update December 2016: Bucks247 is no longer online since Buxhost, their hosting and script provider closed down. The admin of Bucks247 didn’t find a way to continue with the website under different script/domain. The domain Bucks247.com just redirects to Clixsense affiliate link. We are moving Bucks247 to the Failed Sites list.

Update 2 May 2016: Buxhost, the hosting provider and the owner of the NextGen PTC/GPT script (the script used by Bucks247) is closing down and apparently they will no longer provide their services. Due to this reason all buxhost sites are hardly accessible for the last few months. As you might have already noticed, lately it is almost impossible to access Bucks247 – either you will see “unscheduled server maintenance” message or the server responds too slowly and it takes a long time to load specific pages from the website. The script is owned and hosted by Buxhost and since Buxhost is closing down, it is likely Bucks247 will go down as well, unless the admin manage to access the database and transfer it to a different script. However few admins of buxhost sites reported that they are not able to login to the admin panel of the script. Other problem with the NextGen PTC/GPT script is that the site admin does not really own anything – the domain and the script are owned by Buxhost and as far as I know the domain can’t be transferred to third party registrars and the DNS access is restricted.

I guess the Bucks247 admin didn’t had these details in mind when decided to start a PTC business using a script you don’t really own. And since Buxhost is closing down, now the Bucks247’s future is in question. Therefore we are moving Bucks247 from the Established list to the Watch list. This is what happens when you don’t own the domain and the script. Currently the website is not operational and will remain on the Watch list until we have new information regarding the whole situation. We’ll see if the admin manage to find a solution for the problem. One possible solution is to transfer the database to a different script and use a different domain for the site. We’ll see what happens.

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Note: Most of the information provided in the review below is from the time when Bucks247 was online and it will remain intact for informational purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

Bucks247 Review – History:

Bucks247 was online and paying since December 2009 and they were doing well until February 2016, when Buxhost (their hosting/script provider) decided to stop providing their services. Bucks247 is no longer online. Refer to the update above for more details why the site has been closed down.

Things we initially liked about Bucks247.com:

Well Managed Site – Bucks247 has been online and paying since December 2009. For a PTC site, especially for a Buxhost sites, it is very important how long the site has been online and paying. Most PTC sites do not last more that a few months. However, Bucks247 has passed the test of time and has proven to be a paying and well managed site.

Paying – Bucks247 is paying its members as per their terms of service. We tested the site and got paid:

  • Fifth Payment Proof
  • Fourth Payment Proof
  • Third Payment Proof
  • Second Payment Proof
  • First Payment Proof

On the links below you can find old payment proofs from other users:
Bucks247 payment proof page
Payment proofs on Bucks247 forum
Bucks247 payment proofs on eMoneyspace
Bucks247 payment proof thread on eMoneyspace

Free Worldwide service – Bucks247 is international free service and there are no restrictions, individuals from all over the world are allowed to join the site and earn with it. Members are not forced to invest in order to cashout.

Downsides – Things to Pay Attention to:

BuxHost Site – We can’t judge a site by the script they use, but it should be noted that this site is using the NextGen PTC Script from Buxhost which have a poor reputation among PTC users and many avoid to use buxhost sites. Too many sites powered by Buxhost turned into scams. This script is affordable for everyone’s pocket, which makes it very easy for a person with scamming intentions to open a site and shortly after close the site.

BuxHost Closing Down – Buxhost, the script provider is closing down. When you “purchase” a buxhost site, you don’t really own anything – the domain and the script are owned by Buxhost and the hosting is provided by Buxhost as well. Which means if Buxhost close down, all buxhost sites will go down as well. WHich is what happened with Bucks247.

Forced Activity – Standard members must remain active and click ads after submitting payment request. Standard members need to click all ads at least 20 days out of the past 30 days in order to get paid. Otherwise they may send payment requests of standard members back to their account balance. If you are promoter who can bring a lot of direct referrals and if you don’t like this forced activity rule, then as a Standard members Bucks247 may be not the right site for you. However there is Affiliate membership which cost $15 for 6 months, there are no click requirements and you may bring referrals as much as you want.

Takes Long Time to Earn – The click rates are low and vary from $0.0003 to $0.005 for Standard members and for referral clicks even less. For members who are solely clicking on their own it will be hard to earn. However, the earning options are not limited only to PTC ads. There are also Micro jobs, paid emails, grid game and bux bonus. These additional earning features may help you to earn more and faster.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Referral Earnings – 50% of ads value. You must click 1 ad today in order to earn from your referrals tomorrow. You can view the referral click rates for all type of ads and memberships here.
  • TOS point 8 (referral related)

    Referring members or signing up through anonymisation services and “URL shortener” such as href.li, bit.ly, adf.ly, goo.gl, tinyurl.com (and all others) will not be tolerated. Members/Referrals who registered through such a service or make a use of such a service will may see their account suspended without a warning.

  • Prize Game – They have game called “AdGrid” which you can play daily. Standard members get 100 chances to win. How to play the game? There is a picture on a grid and you have to click the square that has the prize. All you need to do is to click anywhere in the grid and a site will appear, once the ad has been viewed, you will be given a notice if you win or you need to try your luck again. The prize is $0.05.
  • Micro Jobs – You can complete sign up offers and get paid for each successfully completed offer.
  • Buxbonus – For each day that you complete the daily checklist you will be allowed to collect your bonus earnings. The bonus amount you can earn is $0.05.
  • Sign up bonus – After registering, you will get one time cash bonus of $0.05.
  • Cashout Options and Conditions – Bucks247 provides various payment methods, including Paypal, Payza, Okpay, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money and Egopay. The minimum amount required for payout is fixed at $2.47 for all cash out requests. For Standard members, 10 days as a registered member and a minimum of 200 clicks are required to enable the withdrawal option. Standard members must remain active and click ads after submitting payment request. Standard members need to click all ads at least 20 days out of the past 30 days in order to get paid. Otherwise they may send payment requests of standard members back to their account balance. If you have made any purchases at the site, then you are required to request payouts through the payment gateway you have purchased most with. If you have received a payout, you are required to post a screenshot in the payment proof section in order to receive your next payout.
  • Inactive Account Suspension – You need to log in and click at least 1 advertisement once every 90 days to keep your account active. Inactive accounts will be irreversibly deleted and all balances will be forfeited.
  • Script: NextGen PTC script/Buxhost
  • Owner: Tim Kolb
  • December 2016 – Bucks247 is no longer online. Moved from the Watch list to the Failed Sites list.
  • May 2, 2016 – Bucks247 is not operating normally, their script provider Buxhost decided to close down. The site future is in question, therefore Bucks247 has been moved from the Established list to the Watch list.
  • October 4, 2013 – Stepped cashout system replaced by fixed minimum payout of $2.47. Direct referrals limit increased to 60.
  • June 9, 2013 – Moved to the Established list.
  • April 4, 2013 – Minimum payout reduced to $2.00-3.00 (instead of $2-3-4), direct referral limit increased to 50 for Standard members.
  • March 1, 2013 – Review completed, site added to the Legit List.

Review Published: 1 Mar 2013

Review Last Updated: December 2016

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74 comments on “Bucks247 Review – Failed PTC | No Longer Online

  1. Maleficent

    One of the oldest and trusted bux site in existence but payout time will took 30 days for standard member. But for only $3.50 upgrade, you can earn more for a month with weekly payout time. Great site.

    Visit my house: http://www.bucks247.com/?ref=warlord

  2. Low daily earnings for a Standard Members (without DR).

    But it is very trusted, solid program. Paying since 2009.

    My total profit on Bucks 24/7: $13.01.


  3. Lucia

    Me parece un magnífico sitio, he cobrado 6 veces y paga instantáneamente, la membresía es muy barata y se gana bien, yo la recomiendo con mucha seriedad..Si quieren pertenecer a mi equipo aquí estoy..

  4. cvengr

    This site and bucks4shares

    of the few sites that you can see the name of your rented referrals

    also has something very interesting this site can renew your referrals as much as you can and take off

    I recommend it every time in my opinion has greatly improved


  5. This might be one of the few bux sites i have seen and signed up with, but never worked on it so much. It just has the getbuxtoday look to it that doesnt get me enthused about promoting, although lasting so long and still paying, sounds good.

  6. radu

    I did request for payment of two times. The money was put in pneding and then returned to the Account Balance. So I have not yet received the money.
    I sent a message to support and I received no response.
      Today I will try again.

    • PTCCentral

      Have you received payments from Bucks247 until now? If you have received a payout, you are required to post a screenshot in the payment proof section in order to receive your next payout. I guess that’s the reason why they returned your money into your account balance. Let me know if you didn’t receive response, I will try to contact them regarding this.

    • stars

      You must follow terms no.(14)We remain the right to send payment requests of standard members back to their account balance if they do not continue to click all Advertisements on a daily basis before and after submitting their payment request. Stay active after submitting your payment request and click at least 20 days out of the past 30 days in order to get paid.My first withdraw also returned to my account balance and also admin sent me a message about terms no.14.I think admin also sent you same message,but you did not read the message.
      And also I think Admin also responsed your support ticket.You need to see Admins reply in your mail inbox.every time I created support ticket and every time admin responsed so quickly.when I created my first support ticket(multiple account detect), admin replied my questions answer with in 10! minuites.So please submit another ticket.Bucks247 is one of the best honest site ever I seen.Thanks a lot admin.

  7. forced proof

    This site forces members to upload payment proof for free. The excuse is that it doesn’t take long only couple of minutes. Let’s multiply those minutes with 75000 members and we see that this admin gets alot of free minutes. In life THERE ARE NO FREE MEALS so why should this admin get any?

    Now as humans we are all full of compassion and like to help needy persons when we find them. Ofcourse a needy person should change the “upload now( Payment proof)” button on his site with something in the line of this: “Please sir I’m a poor beggar and my only hope on sustaining this site is to beg for you to upload the payment proof for free”.After the begging part comes the part where he should say something nice about us:”I wish you to earn more and be well and your family to be healty” etc.

    There should also be a button that states:”If you no longer wish to use our services (because we force you to upload the payment proof) press here and WE WILL PAY YOU ALL MONEY YOU HAVE IN BALANCE and wish you to find a site that doesn’t force you to do anything”

    • Bucks 24/7

      You seem to be either incapable of getting things straight or you just like to let people know whats going on in your weird mind. Either way I have already replied to your “intelligent” statements in January (they are still available down below for anyone who is interested). Also I don’t know why you still keep commenting in regards to a site where you are not even a member anymore. There is no need for a button like you have described it since there is already a checkbox called “I have read & understand the Terms of Service”. But what I am telling you this? You already prove its beneath your dignity to read the given/available information.

      • stars

        Dear bucks247 Admin,Please don’t waste your valuable time by answering “Forced proof’s” useless topics.

    • PTCCentral

      You have already made your point about the “forced proof” feature, no need to post the same thing all over again and the same comment on different reviews of Buxhost sites.

  8. SUMAN

    And one more thing, you have put bucks247 in established list, but I’ve major issue with it. 1st I’ve rented 1 people, after 7-10 days, that RR just disappear. So after one month I again rent 1 people and that RR again disappear from my account within 5 days. No reply for my support ticket from bucks247 admin. So what u say about this issue?
    About payment I don’t know in bucks247 coz I didn’t get chance to withdraw coz whenever I buy RR, I just loose money in it.

    • Yes, Bucks247 is an established site, paying for over 4 years without serious issues. It is one of the oldest paying buxhost sites.
      The issue with your rented referrals could be either because your rented referral was deleted due to inactivity or his account was suspended for violating the ToS. Unlike most sites out there, Bucks247 actually rents out real people so things like this can happen. For how long you have been waiting for response to your ticket? I would suggest to raise this issue on their forum, it is more likely to receive faster response there. Also ask them to replace your lost referrals.

      Just to make it clear, we do not rate sites based on rented referral performance. Information about rented referrals is included only in the “Downsides” part of a review for particular sites that rent out members inactive for months or years. We do not recommend renting referrals on any site out there. Our suggestion is to try to get direct referrals instead.

      • Bucks 24/7

        Perfectly explained, thank you very much, ptcc!

        Also you will automatically receive a new rented referral if one of your rented referrals got deleted for inactivity or got suspended.

        I have also searched for a ticket matching your statement and given name, Suman, but was unable to find it. Please send another ticket if this complain is legit.

  9. Bucks247 decrease their ad rates and increase ad timers.I don’t know it’s temporary or permanent.If it’s permanent then I think this site lose more members.

    • Bucks 24/7

      Actually you are now earning more for some of your referral clicks.

  10. It looks like established site, received payments couple of times.

  11. Lucia

    Here is the link to “Bucks 24/7 4th payment proof thread by PayPal:
    Pago de bucks24
    bucks247.com le envió $5.58 USD

    Hola, luciabdb
    Queremos avisarle que bucks247.com le envió $5.58 USD
    Nota del remitente, bucks247.com
    Please upload a proof of your payment to our site in order to receive your next payout. Thank you very much


  12. Lucia

    Buchs 24/7 is the best, It paid instantly me yesterday, via paypal without fees…


  13. forced proof

    I would like to know how many of you agree with the fact that we are forced to upload the payment proof (for free). Let’s say the admin would pay 1 cent for the proof, how many he would gather? Let’s say he pays 2 cents and so on…how about we let him decide how many proofs he wants…it’s kind of arrogant to want it all right?
    I know that a free man has choices but it seems here you are not free.
    So whoever is not a slave should send a message to this admin explaining how freedom works or the admin might start to tell us next which ads to click, how to click them, how to dress and how to pee.

    • I personally don’t have anything against this rule. By using the site and their services, users agree to accept their Terms of Service. And this rule is stated in their Terms. In my opinion, if someone disagrees with the ToS, as a free man he have the right to leave the site and stop using their services.

      • forced proof

        I’m active at more than 20 well known ptc sites and neither one of them forces me to upload a proof so I conclude this must be a second hand ptc site not worthy of my attention.
        I dare anyone to name a site that still has this barbaric rule written in stone in their ToS at which people still bow down even today.

        • Most Buxhost sites have this rule. The Nextgen ptc script (provided by Buxhost) have built in functionality that is enabled by default and forces user to upload payment proof screenshot once they have received payout. Of course this feature can be disabled, but I guess this is their way to show that they are paying.

        • Bucks 24/7

          “this must be a second hand ptc site not worthy of my attention.”
          You have already successfully shown your lack of attention or “that its not worth your attention, sire”; else you wouldn’t have come to this point where you feel the need to talk bad about a legit and honest site.
          The only reason why you made these posts is because you joined, earned money, got paid and then rode our Terms of Service which should have been one of your first things to do. And I can guarantee you that you will loose much more time, money and personal data on the net if you do not read the terms of service on any website. I must admit you made a great decision becoming inactive so that I can save some of my spare time for other members who actually value a legit and paying site.

    • Bucks 24/7

      We demand a payment proof to be uploaded on our own site once the payment has been processed and marked as sent, yes. On the other hand we offer a bonus (of 10 cents) to our members for uploading their payment proof/s at other locations. The results of this rule, the bonus and the way the payment proofs are made available on our site and elsewhere are mainly positive for the site and for the members alike. Beside this it takes roughly a few seconds to upload a payment proof or maybe some more time in the beginning (for people who are not familiar with this procedure).

      We offer our service for free, worldwide, and just like every site where money is involved, we have our rules which the members have to read, accept and follow. You either follow the rules and quit or do not register at all.

      “[…]So whoever is not a slave[…]”
      Taking your insulting equation into consideration, Daniel, my question is which slave ever had a free choice to leave their slavery?

      • forced proof

        You should make a poll to see what people think about this…but not on your site…not that we don’t trust you.
        It’s good no one has named so far an established site with this rule but that is because they respect their members.
        I wish you to BE an established site, but until you remove the forced upload of payments I’m sorry to say your just a wannabe.

        • Bucks 24/7

          The wannabe who runs this site since 2009 will consider your opinion for the future.

    • Aqeela

      Totally illogic, why do the site pays you for uploading the payment proofs. And how many sites pays you to uploaded ? Have you got any bucks from golden group, neo, pro. Clixsense, legacy, cashnhits, transitbux or any other site ?
      Bucks 24/7 credited 10 cents for each uploading proof, and its some thing then nothing . Other big sites banned their users if they did not uploaded proofs after required time. Do not create mis-conception here about the site. Every sites demand and to some extent its their right, if they ask to upload the proof before carry on the site. I am 100% agreed with it, and the users which are not following the uploading proofs should be banned. These proofs are the base of legity of the site, the proof that the site is still paying. Every one should care about its repo, if bucks24/7 cares about this then logicaly he is right….

  14. Most of the PTC sites hosted on Buxhost perish very quickly. But it is nice to see this bux site survive. The only thing I do not like about this site is, the maximum payment amount is limited for upgraded members.

  15. Lucia

    Buchs 24/7 is the best, It paid instantly me yesterday, via paypal without fees…


    • Azarman

      maybe bucks247 pay without delay or any other problem , But I believe it is not a good site at all. because it is not profitable at all.
      this is based on my own experience. I deposited 5 $ and now after 2 months of clicking and renting referrals I have only 2 $ in my main balance and less than 1 $ in my purchase balance. This is because their rate for your own clicks` value and your referrals` are very very low.
      Additionally their referrals do very few clicks and worse than that it is so hard to rent referrals due to being available at specific time ( exactly 0.00 ). this can be important( annoying ) your local time zone has several hours distance than theirs.for mine .
      summarily , you can not earn by only clicking ads and renting referrals.
      if you can not get direct referrals ( I think at least 50 ) , you`de better not to struggle and waste your time .
      if sb can tell me where and waht is the greatness of this site , I am enthusiastic to hear.

    • Stefan

      i’m your new referal 🙂

  16. Bucks 24/7 sent you money! This is my 4th payment from this Elite site that is online since 2009:
    The site offers you a variety of earning opportunities such as: visit sites, grid (up to 0.25$), microjobs and read mails. Also there is a buxbonus if you complete a specific number of each earning ways.
    You like this site? Then you may use my link to join it:
    Thank you!

  17. Naushad Ahmed

    Here is the link to “Bucks 24/7 payment proof thread” at eMoneySpace: http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php/topic,281358.0.html

    • Thanks, I added the link to the review above.

  18. Bucks24/7 – 1st Payment Proof


    Join here:
    bucks247 banner

  19. Bucks 24/7 sent you money! This is my 1st payment from this Elite site:
    Bucks247 Payment proof
    Thank you!

  20. This is an Elite site that is online since 2009. The site offers you a variaty of earning opportunities such as: visit sites, grid (up to 0.25$), microjobs and read mails. Also there is a buxbonus if you complete a specific number of each earning ways. You can upgrade your account from 19$/year (1.58$/month) to increase your own earnings and your referrals earnings.
    You like this site? Then you may use my link to join it: http://www.bucks247.com/?ref=espana