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Update: Beautibux is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The review below will remain intact for information purposes and will not be updated anymore.

We’ve already posted a warning that Beautibux is owned by a repeat scammer few days ago in our review of Sunnyclix and Venusbux. Now here is the short review of Beautibux in which you can see the proofs that Beautibux is indeed owned by scammer admin responsible for at least 18 scams (active and closed sites). It is quite clear that this admin open new PTC sites with intention to scam, and usually his sites turn into a scam within a month of their official launch. Therefore we would recommend to keep away Beautibux, it is just another pending scam, just like all previous sites from the same admin.

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Reasons Why We Don’t Recommend

Owned by Serial Scammer – The BeautiBux’s admin is responsible for the following scam sites (links to the reviews): Sunnyclix and Venusbux, Rainclix and Edenbux, Lucentbux and Trustybux, Strongclix, EaglesBux, ConixBux, GuaranteedPTC, Safeclix, StartClix,,,,, and Many of these sites are gone, some are still active and scamming.

Below you can see the proof that reveal the connection between Beautibux and the other scam sites owned by the same admin. The same Paypal account is being used on Beautibux, SunnyClix, VenusBux and Rainclix. This proves that all these sites are connected and managed by the same serial scammer.
Beautibux, Sunnyclix, Venusbux and Rainclix are using the same Paypal account

Beautibux Review – Summary:

Beautibux is just another scam in the making managed by a proven scammer. Typically for this admin – he continues to open new sites, one after another, each time with intention to scam, and turning scam within a month from the official launch. One thing is certain – scammers don’t change. Once a scammer – always a scammer. The Beautibux’s admin is responsible for at least 18 scam sites, and his new sites will be no different than his previous scam sites, therefore we would advise to keep away from Beautibux.

Review Published: 8 May 2015

Review Last Updated:

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15 comments on “Beautibux Review – Another Scam from Repeat Scammer | Failed Site

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  3. wow! and I was encouraging me to work with this page, but when I read the comments I will no longer do so

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  6. yes i agree

  7. So great dude, i agree

  8. i work on that link beautibux and earn usb 14 but after i withdraw my money i did not received it – still pending on their system since 10 days and i dnt know how to contact them on fb or by email

  9. wooow, this site actually new scammer with repeatedly activity

  10. Your site is one of the best super scanner for P.T.C sites , apprecaited for your hard work and your service is really helpful from the scammers. Cheers mate ! i think only clixsense and neobux only genuine and old sites paying without failure thanks for sharing.

    • i really agree

  11. hatescammer

    I have logged in to admin panel before admin change their password.
    This is the screenshot of beautibux administrator.

  12. Thanks for review. your reviews are always informative