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Review Last Updated: July 23, 2012
Owner: Joebert Gayo (Philippines)

Adszensptc is a non-paying failed buxhost site that will be placed on our Not Recommended list.

Reasons why you should avoid using

Standard members can not cashout – Payouts are disabled for Standard and Premium members. No matter how much you have earned, you can’t request your earnings. What is the point of bying Premium upgrade if you can not receive what you have earned?
adszensptc payout disabled for standard members
adszensptc payout disabled for premium and standard members
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No Payment Proofs – There is not a single payment proof in the Payment Proof section on their website or on other places on the web. At least we were not able to find any. 90,000 members and not a single payment proof? Sounds fishy, isn’t it?

No advertisers? – I highly doubt that there is someone who will buy ad credits from this site. Just look at their prices. 500 clicks for $50, while all other sites offer the same number of clicks for far lower price, arround $10 for 30 seconds Standard ads. No wonder they offer only self-sponsored ads. Paying members $0.20 for a simple task like viewing 30 seconds ad in not sustainable. There will be small number of advertisers, if any, willing to pay such a high price to display their advertisements on Adszensptc. No advertisers = no income for the site, and sooner or later, the site will fail. It is just another ponzi scheme, trying to lure people into their website with those high rates per click and then force to upgrade in order to cashout. Pay to get paid! Stay away from this type of ptc sites. They are doomed to fail.

Does not have forum – In our opinion, a PTC site should have a forum. Almost every legitimate PTC site out there does have a forum. On a forum, members can ask for support, advice, share their success stories or post a doubt, payment proofs etc. Usually, scam sites like this one does not have forums. If there was a forum, it would be full of complaints and spam. This way, without forum, the owner can hide the negative feedback on his site, and newly registered and inexperienced members will miss the true story about the site.

Referral system disabled – Do not waste time, effort and means to refer other people to the site. There are no referral earnings.
adszensptc direct referrals 0
adszensptc referral system disabled

Charge for Support tickets – If you want to send support ticket, you will have to pay $1. The support system is supposed to be a free service, not a feature to increase revenue.
adszensptc support system price $1 per ticket

Adgrid – No prize – They have grid game, but what is the point to play the game when you will win nothing but wasted time. The prize is $0.00.
adszensptc adgrid prize $0 for playing the game
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General Conclusion:

In our opinion, you should stay away from AdsZensPTC and do not waste time and effort clicking ads. Most likely you will never get paid. This site is not sustainable, and sooner or later, it will fail.

Review Published: 23 Jul 2012

Review Last Updated:

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14 comments on “AdsZens PTC Review – Obvious Scam | Site to Avoid

  1. Thanks for review. Any good sites now?

  2. juls anthony

    wew!! what if wala kayung recruit??? wala kayung kita?? guys!! nag nvest ka wala man lang balik sayu?? klaru nman dba na SCAM yun??!!tsk!! kaka awa nman yung na iipit d2.. saliksikin kc muna ung may ari kng anu background nla.. kc ung owner walang background nang networking e! ryt??
    tapus p2loy pa rin e2. tsk!! nadadamay 2loy ung ibang company!!

  3. roy casareo

    if you don't understand how this work you will think it's not a good site but it really pays.

    • Well, if you don't understand how a scam ponzi scheme works, you might think that Adszensptc is a good program.

    • carding

      It really pays? scammer ka ba? ako nga 2 buwan ng hindi nababayaran (3 account ko) puro dahilan ginagawa nila. Pili lang ang binabayaran nila para may masabi na may nabayaran. pabalik balik ako dun parang tanga lang.

  4. lolita

    im a new member of adszens last september 21,when i do not have any payout after 30 days of clicking ads then i believe the statement u have it here,thanks for the warnings.what would be the legal actions in order to get my investment of P6K.Hope u can help me regarding this matter,thanks.

    • Did you invested through Paypal? If so, you have a time period of 45 days to file a dispute and try to get your money back.
      On the link below you can find instructions on how to file a dispute on Paypal:

    • roy casareo

      have you requested for payouts if not go to their office to get your commissions.

      • Carding

        wala ngang payout papuntahin mo pa sa office. bobo ka ba? baka sarado na nga yang adszens

  5. Gilbert

    panu magrequest ng payout d2.. la aq account sa bank..

    *Please comment in English

    • dapat pa open ka muna nang account sa bank…

      translation: first you should still open a bank account …

      PTCCentral admin reply: please comment in english in future.

    • roycasareo

      you can request payout thru the office or you can get a cash card from the office which is from BDO

      • carding

        joebert gayo ikaw ba yan? ayos ka din ah. promote ka pa ng promote ng ponzi scheme mo.

    • ptc is full of scams