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PTC Central is a blog where you can read reviews and discuss about Paid-to-Click (PTC), Get-paid-to (GPT) programs and other online money making opportunities. Our aim is to provide you information about the PTC sites out there, so you can make an informed decision before joining a site. Our site consist of few different lists where you can find PTC sites categorized by certain criteria. On each list page you will find a short description about the sites listed on the page, and what are the main requirements to be placed on that list.

Unfortunately, most PTC sites out there are scams. However, there are few PTC Programs that have proven to be legitimate and paying, and they do have a solid reputation in the PTC industry. These sites offer you an opportunity to make residual income online from home. You should be aware that PTC is not “get rich quick” scheme. You shouldn’t expect to make a living, but it’s possible to make extra cash by using PTC sites.

We will do our best to review the legit and reliable paid-to-click programs out there, and more importantly, since most PTC programs are scams, we will make efforts to inform you about recent paid to click scams/non-paying sites.

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61 comments on “About us

  1. Hi,

    I hope you are doing well today.

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  2. saran

    Berlin.clix ,bbc bux & Nesclix are scam or not

  3. No he recido mi pago de ten dollar bux desde hace varios meses por la suma de $9,927.95 us, por favor cuando me lo pagara a mi cuenta paypal :garabitolenin22@gmail.com …

  4. Greg


    Can you add my Paid To Click site (http://paidtoclick.earnwithg.com) to your site?
    On the PTC I’m giving Premium membership o the first 1000 member, guaranteed $0,03 earning from ad clicking, PTP earning option (http://ptp.earnwithg.com) and BTC withdrawal from $0,5.

    Thank you,

  5. CLotilde

    I want to thank you for saving me a waste of time by suggesting the right sites, much appreciated. Currently, I only do Clixsense and would like to see in your lineup more sites that pay with Payoneer (that s how Clixsense pays for its surveys) do you feature any? Thank you!

  6. zammali

    bonjour je vous informe aussi de ne pas mettre d’argent sur soliditygroups en effetdans leur preuve de paiement sur le site y mette payer mes ses pas vrai par expérience j”ai mie 13$ j’ai fait 2 demande de retrait une de 8,63$ paypal et l’autre 60,$ sur payeer je n’est jamais rien reçu

  7. Zee

    Hey how I join this site ……I mean have ur any office in saudia Arabia for joining …can u plzzz tell

  8. hello admin,
    thank you so much for all of your page info. and all the best .
    may i know your name please?
    bcz i am working on my free website but i dont have a knowledge like this so i am copying information from your site so ending of all post i need to mention your name. so please provide your name.

    thank you.

  9. Noticed that nothing about instaGC is available here. Could you add a review? My past site was Prizelive and Makethatdollar ( http://ptccentral.com/prizelive-review/ ). Thanks!

  10. Did you remove your “Partners” page?

    I can’t find it anymore…

    If so, why did you remove it?

  11. Hi Admin
    i like your website and i really wish you all the best ^_^
    could we be partners ?
    i will be more than happy to add your site to my partners page.
    i will add more posts, reviews and i will allow guest posts to my website.
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    thank you

  12. mesen

    Hello ptccentral. I will be opening a website soon. It will be a paid to click website with unique advertising features. My site’s name will end in bux but it will not be based on the bux model of self sponsored ads and cheating rented referral programs. I have learnt a great deal from your website and I would like to know how could I gain a review for my website by you. If possible I am willing to share the details of my project with you before it even launches. Thanks for your time and considerations.

  13. amit paul