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PTC Central is a blog where you can read reviews and discuss about Paid-to-Click (PTC), Get-paid-to (GPT) programs and other online money making opportunities. Our aim is to provide you information about the PTC sites out there, so you can make an informed decision before joining a site. Our site consist of few different lists where you can find PTC sites categorized by certain criteria. On each list page you will find a short description about the sites listed on the page, and what are the main requirements to be placed on that list.

Unfortunately, most PTC sites out there are scams. However, there are few PTC Programs that have proven to be legitimate and paying, and they do have a solid reputation in the PTC industry. These sites offer you an opportunity to make residual income online from home. You should be aware that PTC is not “get rich quick” scheme. You shouldn’t expect to make a living, but it’s possible to make extra cash by using PTC sites.

We will do our best to review the legit and reliable paid-to-click programs out there, and more importantly, since most PTC programs are scams, we will make efforts to inform you about recent paid to click scams/non-paying sites.

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63 comments on “About us

  1. amit paul

    Hi i want to tell that Adzbazar.com is a dirty type of scam site.Last night they suspended my ac with no reason.i had over 2k referral and i earned a 5-6$ daily profit.Suddenly they suspended my ac. I asked for reason and they closed my ticket without answering.and sent another ticket that also closed without answering.This is not a sing of god ptc.I am sure i have not violated any Term of them.I want to alert other people before joining..if u earn good profit from their they may suspend ur ac too.visit the link

  2. Hi,

    Mi name is Martin account manager at EmpireMoney.com

    We are a financial network, that works with almost 85% with our affiliate under CPA model.
    The main product is Binary Option Broker
    EmpireOption.com were we pay from USD 250 up to USD 450 (depending on the GEO) and we have sub-products (sale funnels) like http://www.makemoneyrobot.com and robotfx.trade where payouts goes from USD 250 up to USD 300 per new customer.

    I have a couple of offers that are getting huge conversion at sites like yours, maybe you´re interested in talk to do some business.
    Please get back asap so we continue talking.
    We have really good conversion in GEOS like AR, CL, CO, MX and hispanic markets ES, also US, CA, AU, UK.

    Waiting for your reply.


  3. Hi there!

    I found this Website: http://www.capital-surf.com/?ref=10135 and I couldn’t find a review of it here. I signed up 5 days ago, made 34$ so far and I have to wait until I reach 120$ to cashout.

    If everything works, I will let you know. Maybe you’re interested in the result? Of course I let you know, if it’s just scam.

    Thank you very much for this blog! You guys are really helpful!

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  5. Jamiu Davies

    Have got a Domain name for sale which i think will be good for your platform…. its http://www.paylegit.com you can visit the page and make a good bid it can be yours in few hours.

    Thank You

  6. Hi PTC Central,

    I just want to let you know that I recently referenced your cool and genuine website in my Infographic (12 Features of the Top PTC Sites). I’ve chosen a few others who I truly believe have a genuine intention to promote Legit and Established PTC sites, but PTC Central is by far the BEST!.

    Feel free to check my infographic at http://www.ptcsitesfan.com/12-features-of-top-ptc-sites.html

    More power to you guys! Continue providing quality reviews and continue helping those who want to earn extra cash from PTC sites! 😀


  7. Richard

    Hello, I was wondering if you could give me a personal review of my website so I can improve it further.
    My site has just open to the public and I would like some experienced opinions.
    Contact me via my email if you’re willing to help.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi there,

    Nice job on building ptccentral.com! I think a lot of people get into online money-making schemes without realizing what they’re signing up for. This resource is such a great tool!

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  9. itsok

    I am from 3rd world country, india ,to be specific.sir i dont have at my disposal a single referral source. I have only at best two hours to invest on online source of earning money.
    If not of much inconvenience could you guide me a programme i.e., tell me which course of action be best for me to earn more which websites , what type like ptc , multiple websites. Etc.
    One more request is i cannot do the usual stuff like creating false multiple accounts i can work hard but not cheat someone for my need .
    thanking you for your patience sir if you cant find time i will take it kindly sir.

  10. Hi,
    My name is Gal and I work as an Affiliate Account Manager here at Anyoption. I really like your site and would like to talk to you about your traffic, and how we can start making money together. We have great conversion rates and can offer very nice CPA/Rev.share deals.
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  11. H

    I would like to direct you to a late scam that I and other people were victim of. Payzaclix.com after 1 week and half clicking the site stopped paying, the people was infuriated. You would withdraw and nothing appear on your Paypal. The owner then took out the Forum section the same day, by coincidence or not, when I made a claim in Paypal with all the proofs necessary (printscreens & pdf´s) and moved it to a direct deal with Paypal. Happily I got the money I invested back. Now he opened another site with the same style. So PTC central site owner, if you want to exposed it in here. I´m willing to provide you with proof and of the other site and the name of the new one. As a way to prevent new people to suffer the same prob as me.

  12. Ruthie

    Can you review eathits.com?

  13. Xavier Bage

    Could you review ClixPalace for me? It appears to pay highly for clicks? It also appears to have some payment proofs. Could you throw light on its present status?


  14. Jedin

    I like you need check the site Linxpays.com, that is a mystery and i can find relation to Toxads.com, Wealthyclix.com from this site with username “nextking” in all ads banners that you will click for get paid. Linxpays.com don´t pay out some money and owner is known as scammer. THat must add in “Not recommend” list.

  15. Goodguyptc


    I am a moderator at Grandbux.net and i was frankly suprised that our site is not up on your legit site list. Please let me know if you would be interested in getting traffic from Grandbux.net as well. I can manage to get your website shown under fixed advertisements for 30 days + 90 days Grid advertisement in exchange of your review of our Grandbux.net on your site. Please send a ticket to Grandbux admin via this link if you are interested.

    Contact link ( only registered members)

  16. Hi, Just want to let you know that I am moving my site to new host. It will be some downtime. 🙂

  17. I came across your site and I think it is helpful. I was into Sweet bux but I see no ads and you say it is a scam. What do you think about this site I show? I have other sites but I cannot show them here. I am in Neobux and I think it is a good site am not making money as of now but am building up my referrals to make a little. If you have an email I can show you the sites I have and see what you think. I was in Trafficadbar but get no referrals and other things I do not care about so I got out of that one. Will wait for your reply take care.

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