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PTC Central is a blog where you can read reviews and discuss about Paid-to-Click (PTC), Get-paid-to (GPT) programs and other online money making opportunities. Our aim is to provide you information about the PTC sites out there, so you can make an informed decision before joining a site. Our site consist of few different lists where you can find PTC sites categorized by certain criteria. On each list page you will find a short description about the sites listed on the page, and what are the main requirements to be placed on that list.

Unfortunately, most PTC sites out there are scams. However, there are few PTC Programs that have proven to be legitimate and paying, and they do have a solid reputation in the PTC industry. These sites offer you an opportunity to make residual income online from home. You should be aware that PTC is not “get rich quick” scheme. You shouldn’t expect to make a living, but it’s possible to make extra cash by using PTC sites.

We will do our best to review the legit and reliable paid-to-click programs out there, and more importantly, since most PTC programs are scams, we will make efforts to inform you about recent paid to click scams/non-paying sites.

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63 comments on “About us

  1. Hello Central PTC manager I have sent a message through twitter am the owner of New PTCs and I would like to talk to you in a more direct way on a project. Let’s see if we can talk by some other means in a more direct manner.

  2. oxybux suspended account
    hello administrator oxybux suspended account, I was upgraded as busness asked payments.
    12/10/2014 I had payments of $ 40
    eliminated chat for nations
    does not pay people

  3. PTCCENTRAL would like to know how do I advertise on your blog. is it possible?


  4. Hi I just saw your website and I send this message because I am creating another and I liked the plugins you have in front of recent news , you could tell me how you ‘ve done if you please ?

    If you want we can exchange our links to get more views .

    A salute you much appreciate your reply .

    • PTCCentral

      Hi, I’ll send you an email with the details later today.

  5. Ratnadeb

    Wish I had searched for this site before.

  6. alexia

    Hey there,
    I really appreciate your job.
    Listenning to you i didnt “throw” my money to probux.. i was going to invest there but god send you in my way (most specific in my scream:))

    I just want to ask if it is easy for you to give you my ref link in order to advrtise to your website for some couple of days (or hours) in order to boost my site with direct referals.

    The sites i am interesting is (scarlet, gptplanet, bucks247, buxp, cashcamel and clixsense)

    Thanks for your time for reading my comment

  7. Makndreams

    I find this site very useful. The information provided saves you time wasted on non paying sites. Wish i had discovered it sooner.

  8. Jake

    Hey Admin
    For each and every site I am going to work on or to know the information I have always referred PTCCENTRAL
    Thank you for providing such a service.
    You are being helpful in letting us know all the scam site.

    With Regards

  9. Simon

    Just want to say I’m from the uk but I find this such a great site in all honesty has absolutely everything covered top notch mate 🙂

  10. Nataly

    Thanks for so professional information. I have found you some late for me ((. Have invested for some PTCs, that you advice to avoide, but I am agree with your information here, thanks!

  11. mohammed

    thank you admin for your very hard work and your precious time.
    i want to let you know that i have been paid four times by paidverts and this is my link if some one want to join.

  12. Blaz

    Just wanna say HUGE THANKS to ptccentral for all the effort put in informing us about nearly everything related to this sea of ptc websites. I’m in this paid-to-click thing for about a month, mostly exploring about a dozen of websites and running statistics on average daily earnings, average time spent clicking, average price per click and so on and so forth. I “made” a few dollars, not enough for a cashout yet (reasons are stated above), but thanks to ptccentral, i think i have pretty accurate expectations about which one of the sites i’m using will suspend my account once i hit the “cash out” button, and which won’t. I’ll post any results here, maybe i’ll even share my superamateur-ish but handy excel spreadsheet. Thank you and keep up the good work, Ptccentral!

  13. Gian Pierre

    Hello PTC Central

    Thanks to you I knew that ptc is scam and which are trusted.

    Thanks a lot .

  14. Hello admin.
    Its really really good work. your site really helpful for beginners in ptc.
    god bless u for your work thank you so much for your site and your work and spacialy thanks for reply for all comment.
    i have a little opinion i didnt see any search engine(not google search engine) for your site, if ur site have a search engine its really worth.


    • PTCCentral

      Hello Ashclicks,

      Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate your positive feedback and I am glad I could help you guys that are new into PTC sites.

      Can you please explain what do you mean about the “search engine”? I am not sure what do you mean… This site is indexed by the major search engines… and there is a custom google search option, located at the top of the right sidebar…

  15. Tanmay

    Hello Admin…

    Its very nice to see that you provide us with so much valuable information about PTC sites. After reading your replies I stopped wasting my time on many such PTC sites which were quoted as SCAM here by you. Thanks for saving my time. I would like to know that if, according to you, Rented Rferrals are not a good method to gain profit then please tell me how can I get Direct Referrals? There are many such sites which provides Direct Referrals after paying them a certain amount of money. For example I saw there was one site which asked to provide 25 DRs for $5…50 DRs for $8 and so on. So I want to ask that is this way a right one to get DRs? I mean the DRs they provide are genuine and they really click? Suppose if I purchase 100 DRs then how many DRs will actually be active? Thanks.

    • PTCCentral

      Hi Tanmay,

      I would not recommend using such services to get DR referrals. Some ptc sites prohibit services that sell direct referrals so there is risk for account termination if they find out that you used such service to get direct referrals. Besides that, most of these sites that sell direct referrals are scams and will not deliver what you have paid for. Even if they do, you will get only junk sign ups, maybe even bots, so again there is risk to get suspended on the ptc site.

      Someone from these sites that sell DR wanted to advertise on our site through Adhitz today, of course I have rejected the ad. I will not give those sites space here nor I will promote their services. I looked into the site and found this stated in their FAQ:

      I instantly knew from where they are getting referrals. There is a site called Microworkers, where advertisers can set up tasks, including sign-up offers and members will complete these tasks. Take a look at this screenshot below to see which sites are not approved by Microworkers:

      The same sites as the site that sells direct referrals. Which means the site that sells DR is using Microworkers to get you direct referrals. They are charging $10 for 30 referrals, while on Microworkers you can set up a campaign that pays members $0.10 per sign up for the price of $10 and you will get 90 sign ups.

      And Microworkers is not good for getting active direct referrals. You will get only sign ups, people will simply complete the sign up, get paid for that and will never use the site as active members. I have tried their service for getting DRs and it does not work. You will get only inactive referrals and you don’t want that.

      I am going to publish an article on how to get direct referrals soon, meanwhile you can read this comment for some tips on how to get direct referrals.

  16. Bev

    I think you do a fantastic job and I am truly grateful for all the reviews you do.

  17. Bev

    Hello Admin, firstly I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic site that you have worked really hard on. In these uncertain times of “trusted admin” sites you are an absolute diamond and I look on here everyday for updates and other people’s experiences. Thank you for letting us have our say without being suspended for no apparent reason.

    • Hello Bev, thank you for your kind words, I’m glad I could help.

  18. Aqeela

    Though i have disagreement at different reviews, but this is pretty nice blog. Each and every thing is beautifully managed. For every good site attitude of admin is matters, ptc central have very active, cool and decent admin. I did not seeing him arguing or dominating over his visitors. He repect others opinion alot. Keep it up and wish you very best . Take care

    • Thank you for your kind words, Aqeela. Disagreements are okay. If everyone always agreed with each other on everything, the conversation would be a monotonous. “The beginning of thought is in disagreement – not only with others but also with ourselves.”

      I prefer not to interfere in heated discussion unless I feel it is necessary to do so. The comment section is here for you (visitors, readers…), to give you a space to express your opinion, whether it’s good or bad, agreement or disagreement… Your opinion is welcomed as long as it is in accordance with our commenting guidelines.
      Thanks for your comment.

  19. this is a very nice site and good design
    i wish good luck to administration managing the site
    and we are waiting for more reviews for known ptc sites
    i think will consider as a good replacement or ptc-investigation
    i hope you continue the good work and keep reviewing and informing us
    thank you

    • Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad that you like this website. I’ll do my best in providing information about scam sites and paying ones as well.

  20. akhtar hussain

    hi sir,
    i have seem your website and i feel that alot of persons are protecting due to your great comments on every website.
    please tell us about the SOMEVISITS.COM and EPREPAYNOW THESE ARE SCAM OR REAL. i am waiting your reply on my email id.

    • Hi, thanks for the kind words, I am glad to be of help.

      Nobody legit can guarantee you $750 per month just by clicking ads. I would recommend to read this review about Somevisits: http://www.pakearning.com/somevisits-com-scam-fraud-or-paying/

      Eprepaynow is debit card issuer. I can’t tell you much about them since we do not monitor such programs and I can’t even access the site, it’s constantly unavailable for me, but as you can see here http://www.globalcomputerstalagang.com/eprepaynow-com-is-a-fake-and-scam-website-linked-with-somevisits-com-proofs/ it may be from the same owner of somevisits.com. I mean both sites are registered within a day difference, and their old IPs are very similar. Sounds fishy, isn’t it?

      • Bradley Edwards

        Hello, I love you PTC review. It is straight to the point and it gives us good information. There is a bux site called Getmorebux.com that is a big scam. There are people that is still waiting on payment after 6 months. The admin keep changing the Term of Service to make the members pay more to request payment and they still don’t get their payments. Another thing is that they have to pay for support that don’t even get an answer from admin. The support cost $2 for standard members and $0.20 for members. Please read their forum and you would get an even better idea of Getmorebux.com This company need to got to the top of the SCAM list and people should avoid this site. Thanks..